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Pooja Kashid

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Dreams screeching out of the shut door of your sleep, rushing you to achieve your life, make a difference, and you stand there, striving harder, that is when the model of your own life is born.
Pooja Kashid- Story of a Dreamer.

A little girl, inspired by cinema, always aspired to mould herself to the characters of the same, and soon realised her passion towards acting. She wished for a challenging inspiration, which of course, demanded more creativity after which, she wrote and auditioned, as life meant much more.

She suits herself with the perkiest freelance, along with “Change is innovative,” profession, because pension is not something a dreamer dreams for; achieving excellence is the key.

Experimenting with her own self, she often tends to change the course of her working style for believing is all it takes. Her wish-list scales from acting in big banner movies to endorsing bigger brands with herself at the cover story of paparazzi.

A trained classical singer and dancer, Pooja Kashid has transformed from Poonam to Pooja, following her dreams as she believes, “Beneath the makeup and behind the smile, I am just a girl who wishes for the world.”



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